Eric Otto Photography "Dialog der Formen" für den " Christophorus PORSCHE Magazin" Ausgabe 385 -1/2018 Paris 2017 :

I had the opportunity in December 2017 to fly to Paris with Porsche Designers and a great production team to realize a fantastic project I would like to share with you.

I had to shoot 5 futuristic Porsche prototypes ( scale 1/3) in 4 days. Those prototypes were absolutely secret until then...
The purpose of the project was to create an article for the famous "Christophorus Porsche Magazin" number 385 called "The white Edition" celebrating the 70 years of Porsche "1948-2018".

After 4 crazy and fantastic days in Paris with this great team of Porsche Designers who assisted me, I did it and here is the result ! It was just 4 days shoot full of Adrenalin!

You will find 9 pages in the new "Christopohorus Porsche Magazine" with some of the Photographies I took in Paris, a "making of" movie and a small interview.
Enjoy !

Thank you all for your support and I really hope you will have a good time watching it  ... and don´t hesitate to repost it !

Here are the link to the article in 11 different languages :

German version "Dialog der Formen"

English version "Dialog of Forms"

French version "Scènes Parisiennes"

Italian Version "Dialogo delle forme"

Spanish Version : "Dialogo formal"

Portugal Version :"Dialogos das Formas"

Polen Version : "Dialog Form"

Russian Version

China Version

Japan Version

Korea Version

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